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  1. RUSTECO is composed of ingredients made from renewable resources and does not contain any material which is hazardous to nature, the food chain or humans.
  2. RUSTECO contains 85% organically grown plant extract; it is shipped as a Class 55 detergent and has a very mild, food grade acid content with a pH of 4.3-4.5 (similar to lemon juice).
  3. RUSTECO corrosion treatment is a full strength liquid or gel designed to remove oxidation and corrosion from all metals including iron, carbon alloy steels, bronze, aluminum and tin. It is important to note that it is not a rust converter, therefore cannot be compared with any other product on the market today.
  4. RUSTECO is a reusable solution that dissolves rust and corrosion. It slowly and selectively removes only the metallic oxides from these metals completely. Some other removers also attack the base metal, whereas this product simply dissolves rust and corrosion. Treated metals can then immediately be painted once dry.
  5. RUSTECO does not have any effect on skin, paint, plastic, rubber or fabrics. It is safe in use and disposal; marine or wildlife is not affected by this product
  6. RUSTECO is activated when exposed to metal and deactivated when insulated from it. The chemical action of the product removes the oxygen from the rust, it is deoxidizing the metallic oxide. Any blackened powdered residue can be wiped away; in the case of heavily rusted metal, after the soaking period is complete, the part can be pressure washed clean.
  7. RUSTECO does not chemically react with the metal, fabric or plastic from which it has removed the rusty oxidation. It is a ready-to-use solution, safe to handle, transport or store and does not require any dilution with water.
  8. RUSTECO is available as a GEL to treat vertical or larger surfaces that cannot be submerged. Application can be made with a brush, roller or sprayer. A three layer application between 5-10 mils thickness each, at 20 minute intervals to obtain a good adhesion, provide the best results for a paintable surface
  9. RUSTECO works best at room temperature or higher with a 3 hours minimum soaking time. When heated to 140F it will remove rust in a matter of minutes.
  10. RUSTECO has numerous specialty applications and uses, such as removing the 'green' from electrical connections or freeing up 'frozen' parts, nuts and bolts.
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RUSTECO is a federally registered trademark of RUSTECO., California, USA