Application and Standards

a) Pressure Washer
Minimum requirements:
700 bar
6.6 gal/min water flow
Spin nozzle
Hot water capability up to 250F
Soap feeder at high pressure
Special angled nozzles
b) Airless Sprayer Industry standard paint sprayer
50-60 pounds pressure
17K tip
Product requirements
Working solution:

Feed through soap intake into machine
Working solution:
Ready to use
Apply with paint sprayer
Production rate
3000 sq.ft. per gun/hour
Spray application:
1500 sq.ft. per gun/hour
(3 layers of 210 microns each)
After-Wash (GEL removal): 2000 sq.ft. per gun/hour

Step 1: Prepare GreaseMaster 100:1 dilution
Step 2: Insert soap hose into GreaseMaster solution
Step 3: Attach Spin Nozzle to gun and start machine
Step 4: Set temperature at 150-180F
Step 5: Hold gun tip about 4-6 inches from surface
Step 6: Pressure wash area to remove poorly adhered rust
Step 7: Change to angled nozzles to clean under stiffeners
Step 8: Let surface dry (damp condition is acceptable)
Step 9: Remove standing water from bottom with diaphragm pump
Step 10: Apply first layer GEL with sprayer at specified thickness
Step 11: 30 minutes later apply second layer
Step 12: Finally apply third layer after another 30 minutes
Step 13: Check adhesion and re-spray any missed spots
Step 14: Let the RUSTECO GEL cure for 72 hours
Step 15: Pressure wash the treated area with spin nozzle
Step 16: Use angled tips to blast difficult to reach areas
Step 17: Use DH or ventilation to dry cleaned surface
Step 18: Remove sludge with 2" diaphragm pump
Step 19: Check surface for any remaining poorly adhered rust
Step 20: Flash rusting will occur, which is common in water blasting
Step 21: Any residual contamination shall be firmly adhering
Step 22: If desired wire brush stubborn spots
Step 23: Surface prep for coating is complete
The RUSTECO TECHNOLOGY provides a surface, which is a combination of standards, as a minimum an ST2, without using power tools.

It also meets the standards as described under ST3, SA1, SA2, HB2 and DW2.

When viewed without magnification, it is free from visible oil, grease, and dirt and from poorly adhering mill scale, rust, paint coatings and foreign matter. Any intact, still serviceable coatings will remain.

All above standards pertain to Class D rust and corresponding photographs are available in the SSPC publication depicting each one.
If no pressure washer is available and a complete manual process is to be used, then the following procedures have to be followed:
Step 1: Fine hammer the surface to bare metal
Step 2: Remove all loose chips and rust flakes
Step 3: Apply 1st coat GEL at 210 microns
Step 4: Wait 20 minutes
Step 5: Apply 2nd coat GEL at another 210 microns
Step 6: Wait for another 20 minutes
Step 7: Apply 3rd and final coat GEL at 210 microns
Step 8: Let GEL cure for 72 hours
Step 9: Power tool the treated area, removing the gel and rust
Step 10: Remove poorly adhered rust and flakes
Step 11: Any stubborn spots repeat the application
Step 12: The surface has now an ST2 standard as minimum, ready for coating
2002 Michael H. Nahm

RUSTECO & GREASEMASTER are federally registered trademarks of RUSTECO., Calif., USA