RUSTECO Corrosion Treatment

Frequently asked Questions

  1. Is RUSTECO harmful to paint, rubber or plastic?
    No, it is completely safe.

  2. Is RUSTECO hazardous to the environment? Does it pollute our air or water?
    No, it does not have any adverse effect on the environment.

  3. What about disposal?
    Can be disposed without restrictions.

  4. How about fumes and odor?
    None, it is safe to use at work and home.

  5. Does it etch the metal?
    No, RUSTECO is safe on all metals incl. aluminum and chrome.

  6. What about skin irritation?
    No skin irritation.

  7. What coverage do I get from one gallon of the gel?
    The average is 50-70 sq.ft.

  8. Can the liquid clean the inside of rusty gas tanks?
    Yes, without harming the paint.

  9. Can I re-use the product?
    Yes, it is designed for multiple repeat use.

  10. What about protection?
    RUSTECO has rust inhibitors that give protection against new oxidation.

  11. What about long-term rust protection?
    Spray the surface with a thin layer of the RUSTECO GEL, it will not rust again while the GEL is in place.

  12. How do I clean vertical or large surfaces that cannot be submerged?
    The GEL was specifically designed for such applications.

  13. How do I apply the GEL?
    It can be applied with a regular paint brush, roller or airless sprayer.

  14. Any other use when it has expired?
    Yes, it is an excellent liquid fertilizer and also a great concrete floor cleaner.

  15. What is it made of?
    It is manufactured from organic plants and the active ingredient is a food grade mild acid.

  16. Can I paint the treated surface?
    Yes, RUSTECO does not leave any deposit on the cleaned metal; in fact it preps the surface for coating.

  17. Where can I buy it?
    Retail quantities directly from the order page on this website or call toll free 1-800-RUSTECO.

  18. What about industrial volume purchases?
    We accept Purchase Orders (o.a.c.) Please call our 1-800-RUSTECO hot line.

  19. Do you deliver overseas?
    Yes, RUSTECO can be shipped anywhere in the world.