October 15, 2004

PO Box 11398
Torrance, CA 90510

Attention: Michael H Nahm - CEO

Dear Mr Nahm:

Ref: GreaseMaster Surface Prep Soft Coating Removal

This is to confirm that the GreaseMaster Degreaser was recently used on the NOBLE Rig 'TOMMY CRAIGHEAD' to remove soft coatings from the ballast tanks. The result was outstanding and the tank surfaces were completely free of any grease or oil deposits and ready for blasting.

We have tried many other cleaning products in the past, but none could provide us with a ready-to-blast surface due to the fact that there were always oil residues left in the pores of the steel that made it impossible to blast that surface in accordance with Noble specification.

The ease, safety and speed in application of the GreaseMaster is another testimonial to this product. Finally, the fact that this cleaner is fully biodegradable as well as having the capability to separate the oil/grease contaminants from the waste water is a major economical and environmental advantage in handling and disposal of the removed deposits.

PROFAB Engineering Ltd.
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Sam Fulton
Managing Director

PO Box 11398
Torrance, CA 90510

Attention: Michael H Nahm - CEO

Ref- GreaseMaster surface preparation treatment

Dear Sir,

Our current experience with the GreaseMaster has proved the substrate condition post treatment is suitable for International Coatings range of surface tolerant coatings.

Interbond 808 and Interzone 954 as a high performance surface tolerant epoxy is ideally suited to be used on a surface treated with the GreaseMaster degreaser.

Yours sincerely

Clive O'Leary

European Business Development Manager- Marine International Coatings

Ballast tank solution

RUSTECO. has announced another successful soft coating removal, this time from the forepeak ballast tank of the Sea Land Challenger during a recent regular call at the Port of Long Beach, CA.

About 25,000 sq. ft. of metal was cleaned with the GreaseMaster biodegradable cleaner, using a two-man crew with a 3,000-psi pressure washer. This cleaning process is achieved without the use of hazardous chemicals, media or ultra-hydro-blasting.

The vessel is going into drydock and a clean, oil-free surface is needed before steel work can be done in this ballast tank. When a vessel requires hot work for steel replacement, the soft coating product must be removed as it may cause fire.

Once cleaned with the GreaseMaster, there is no need to do any media blasting. The surface is oil-free and a hard coating can be directly applied over the cleaned steel.

GreaseMaster is non-toxic so disposal problems are minimized. The waste is liquefied to such an extent that the sludge may be pumped into a disposal tank. GreaseMaster acts as a de-emulsifier, separating oil and grease from the wastewater. Out of 10,000 gallons, 90% of the water is now non-hazardous. Not only is money saved in materials, preparation and disposal cost, but turn-around time is minimized.

Dan Moylan, port engineer for Sea-Land in Long Beach says, "They solved our problem. GreaseMaster was very good, really very good. It cuts the soft coat down to nothing. This is the way to go."

RUSTECO., Long Beach, CA

One-coat hard coating

Rhino Systems International recently completed the internal ballast tank coating for the R&B Falcon Drilling Company's Rig 100 at the Friede & Goldman Shipyard, located in Pascagoula, MS. The project required the removal of the original soft coating. Soft coating removal and successful surface preparation was achieved using GreaseMaster, manufactured by TMT Services Inc.

Both the soft coating removal and the installation of Rhino's ABS approved one-coat system was done by the Service Offshore Paint Company. According to Rene Godoy of Service Offshore, the effectiveness of the GreaseMaster in combination with Rhino's marine coating resulted in significant cost savings by eliminating white metal sandblasting and waste disposal. Rhino System lnternational's Dave Caston also noted that Rhino's marine hard coating system is only about half the weight of the conventional three-coat epoxy systems, providing additional capacity for variable deck load.

Because of this project's success, Marine Drilling Company has selected Rhino Systems International's marine coating for the ballast tank coating of the Marine 700 semi-submersible rig project currently under construction at the Friede & Goldman Shipyard.

RHINO Systems, Houston, TX.