Environmental & Product Safety Information

Aquatic Toxicity Test (RUSTECO & GreaseMaster)

Based on the US Environmental Protection Agency's Method for Measuring the Acute Toxicity of Effluents to Freshwater and Marine Organisms EPA/600/4-85/013, the sample passing rate is at least 50% survival or greater. Both RUSTECO and the GreaseMaster had a 100% survival rate, indicating 0% toxicity.
Clean Air Solvent (CAS) Certification (RUSTECO & GreaseMaster)

RUSTECO & GreaseMaster have been certified by the AQMD of the State of California as successfully having met all the requirements for a Clean Air Solvent certificate.
Wastewater Discharge Permit (RUSTECO)

The Department of Water Pollution Control of Hamilton, NJ has approved the discharge of the RUSTECO wastewater into the sewer system.


Effect on painted surfaces - No discoloration or softening observed.
Residual Corrosion - Average weight loss on aluminum insignificant
Practical Cleaning - No streaking, spotting or discoloration observed, rinsed freely
Stress Crazing of Acrylics (Mi-P-25690 Type C) - No crazing, cracking or attack

Mil-Std-45662A & Mil-I-45208A, Amendment 1

Effect on tensile Strength of 7075-T6 Aluminum - No significant loss in tensile strength
Salt Deposits Removal (GreaseMaster)

According to EPA tests 600/R-95/136 (salt added to prepare synthetic seawater), treated control coupons were washed at 100 psi (fire hose pressure) and analyzed for Chloride, Sulfate, Nitrite, Bromide and ortho Phosphate. The test results showed no ortho Phosphate or Phosphorous and the salt deposits were below 1 micron per sq. cm., well below the allowable US Navy specs of three (3) microns per sq. cm prior to coating.
Wastewater Discharge Permit (GreaseMaster)

The County Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County granted an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit No. 12704 for the disposal of 4500 gallons of cleaning wastewater, which had been generated by cleaning a large generator. This approval was given based on three (3) independent wastewater analysis reports, which certified that the oil content in the wastewater was well within the allowable limits, after oil separation had taken place in the GreaseMaster wastewater holding tank.
Port of Portland Ballast Water Treatment Plant Disposal Approval (GreaseMaster)

The acceptability limits are based on pH and oil content of the wastewater after cleaning oil tanks with the GreaseMaster. The pH was 5.9 and oil content was 12.4 ppm.
ALYESKA Marine Terminal Discharge Approval (GreaseMaster)

The product meets all requirements for acceptance at the Ballast Water Treatment Facility (BWTF) in Valdez, Alaska.
US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Approval (GreaseMaster)

The USDA has approved this product as an A-1 cleaner that can be used in all meat/poultry processing plants cleaning applications.
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Criteria (GreaseMaster)

The GreaseMaster meets the safety criteria of the FDA as a cleaner for use in all food handling establishments including the cleaning of baby milk bottles. CFR 21/178.1010.
Volatile & Semi-Volatile Organics Analysis

Applying the EPA standards of 8240 and 8270 respectively showed that no compounds were found in the GreaseMaster that are on the list of 132 priority pollutants. The MDL (Method Detection Limit) was applied in ppm (mg/L).

The Danish Institute of Technology has approved both the RUSTECO and GreaseMaster products as being safe in transport, handling and disposal. No hazardous marking or special handling is required.

The Danish Veterinary Authority has approved the GreaseMaster as a safe product that can be used as a cleaner in all dairy, poultry and meat processing plants.
Russian Federation

The Ministry of Health has certified the RUSTECO corrosion treatment products as being safe to be used by Russian workers and also confirmed that the product has no adverse effect on the environment.

Novatech A/S, an independent, Norwegian Government approved laboratory in Stavanger, Norway has established that RUSTECO and GreaseMaster are safe and fully acceptable cleaning products for all offshore and onshore oil industry related cleaning applications, such as drilling rigs, storage tanks and general cleaning tasks. The official HMS- DATABLAD (Health, Environment & Safety Data Sheet) certification is a mandatory requirement by the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF) before a product can be used by any of their members or in their facilities. This document also certifies that there is no restriction in transport or handling of either products under the guidelines established by organizations such as the UN, IMO, IATA and ICAO.

The Department of Marine Environmental Chemistry in Hai Phong, Institute of Oceanology tested three wastewater samples (after a 48 hours separation process) that had been generated from cleaning fuel oil tanks with the GreaseMaster at the Ben Kien Shipyard. The test results conformed to the Vietnamese Standard for water used in agricultural and other food related applications. The oil content in this wastewater was as low as 1 ppm.