Rusteco Product Information

Rust and Corrosion Remover
The Ultimate Rust Removal and Corrosion Treatment


RUSTECO is the most effective rust removal and corrosion treatment for both ferrous and non ferrous metals available. It also conditions the metal surface for painting, welding, electroplating, epoxy coating and powder coating, all in one step.

Right side of rusty fender treated with Rusteco

RUSTECO features:

  • High Quality Product
  • extremely cost-effective
  • A superior alternative to media blasting, acid wash, caustic, phosphate treatment and other rust inhibitors
  • Provides a high adhesion surface conclusive for top coating
  • Long term corrosion protection
  • Works at ambient temperatures
  • No shipping, handling, or disposal restrictions

RUSTECO R-200-3 comes in two forms:

1. Liquid Blue-

  • For dipping and pickling applications. Small to very large parts can be immersed in the bath to effectively remove all rust regardless of severity.
  • Liquid can be applied by hand sprayers to parts for long term rust protection for storage and shipping.
  • Liquid takes the place of phosphate treatment stage after degreasing in automated parts washing equipment and systems. This will remove any rust / corrosion and condition the metal for painting and prevent any flash or micro rust from forming on the surface.
  • R-200-3 is a proven additive for closed loop systems to remove and prevent any internal corrosion. (aluminum and galvanized cooling towers, main engine coolers, fire sprinkler systems, etc.)
  • Utilized in a hand sprayer for spot removal of rust, mill scale and to condition freshly welded areas.
  • To remove rust / corrosion from inaccessible areas such as fuel tanks, radiators and deep penetrations.
  • Does not require rinsing with water. Surface can be wiped or blown off with air pressure.
  • Designed for repeat use. Can be used as a liquid fertilizer when it's ability to de-rust has diminished.

2. Gel Blue -

  • Primarily the same formulation as the liquid except for the addition of Xanthan Gum to create a thick viscosity which would allow it to be applied by sprayers, brushes, and rollers on vertical surfaces.
  • Provides the same effective rust / corrosion removal and metal conditioning for items that are not suitable for dipping.
  • Highly effective for use in remote areas at ambient temperatures.
  • After the gel has dissolved the rust it can be removed easily with powerwasher.
  • The gel can be left on without removing. This will form a coating that will protect the surface for an extended period of time (months to years) until such time that the piece is needed. (Because the gel is water soluble, some form of protection would be required - plastic or tarps, to prevent direct water coming in contact with the gel).
  • Gel can be used to remove rust and condition smaller areas by hand.


Treated with Rusteco


RUSTECO R-200-3 is an extremely flexible, cost effective, and user-friendly rust removal and corrosion control system that can be easily integrated into virtually any manufacturing or restoration process. Whether it is in-plant or out in the field, Rusteco remains the most effective solution to rust and corrosion problems.

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Treated with Rusteco