GreaseMaster R-300 Factsheet

The GreaseMaster R-300 is a concentrated liquid which is very effective in applications requiring the removal of mineral, animal or vegetable fats, oils or greases (FOG), and is an excellent all purpose cleaner for industrial, commercial or residential applications alike.

Physical Characteristics
The GreaseMaster is an inviscid fluid with a specific gravity and boiling point very close to that of water. Its primarily effective ingredients are derived from organic plants, generally regarded as safe or permissible under Federal regulations CFR 21/178.1010 and 21/182 respectively. The product is stable and non-reactive with other substances, is biodegradable and completely non-corrosive even in concentrated form.

Method of Action
When applied to grease or oil contaminated areas, the R-300 binds to these substances drawing them away when the area is rinsed in water. It will effectively and selectively remove all oil or animal fat substances whether they exist as surface deposits or are deeply ensconced in some other material (oil soaked wood or fabric for example). After several hours of stagnation of the runoff mixture, the oil/fat contaminants will naturally achieve a very high degree of physical separation. After 24 hours of settling, the GreaseMaster has an oil content of 12.4 ppm, well below the EPA's requirement of 50 ppm for disposal into waste water treatment facilities. The contaminants can then be easily and economically recovered for subsequent reprocessing or disposal by skimming.


Marine Aluminum Oil Filters

Pressure washed with GreaseMaster at 100:1 dilution Factor


Engine Room

Cleaned with GreaseMaster
and then Painted

Twenty Great Reasons to Use GreaseMaster:
  1. Fully Biodegradable
  2. Safe on all metals
  3. Safe on all fabrics
  4. Does not emulsify oil with water
  5. Acts as oil separator
  6. Can be directly painted over
  7. Dilution factor up to 1000 times
  8. Safe for marine/wild life
  9. No effect on skin
  10. Compatible with all cleaning equipment
  11. No alkaline base
  12. No disposal restrictions
  13. Working pH near neutral
  14. Contains no Phosphates
  15. Multiple repeat use
  16. No shipping/handling restrictions
  17. Exceeds Milspecs on salt removal
  18. Provides oil free surface
  19. Ballast tank cleaner for soft coatings
  20. Restores air coolers virtually as new